Shipping with E-Go Courier - An alternative to Australia Post

by HandmadeHQ on 04/02/2013 - 07:25 pm

Category: Business Resources

I know many of us struggle with postage costs and with Aust Post forever seeming to increase prices, I thought I would share with you a courier that I use on a regular basis.


The company is called E-Go and they have many depots scattered across Australia. If you are shipping Major City to Major City or surrounds their pricing is really competitive and I love that I dont even have to leave the house!

They have several shipping options including door to door service ( no more trips to the Post Office ), Depot to Door service ( if you live close to a depot and want to drop off your parcel you save an additional 25% ) and a few others including depot to depot delivery, same day delivery and pallet deliveries.

They offer casual rate shipping or you can create a Platinum Account ( highly recommened ) and a Platinum account gives you the following:

  • Establishment of an exclusive account with e-go. Platinum customers enjoy special recognition in our business;
  • A discount of up to 30%;
  • A bonus credit of up to $100 to the Platinum account, issued on receipt of each payment;
  • Access to regular reporting of transaction history and expenditure;
  • Exclusive Platinum logo displayed on all shipping labels, our staff has visibility in depot of consignments of our Platinum customers;
  • Complimentary shipping insurance cover of $ 250.00 on every consignment;

There is no minimum packages to send per week or month and getting a quote is simple. They do not ship to PO Boxes and I love that if you enter your customers email into the booking form they are notified that the parcel is being shipped and notifies them of a possible delivery date.

By becoming a Platinum account holder you can choose to top up your account with a minimum amount of $50.00 once your account reaches a balance of $5.00.

You are not charged extra for paypal payments and they also accept Credit Card payments.

Here are some sample Platinum rates I punched in to compare with Aust Post:

Newcastle to Brisbane 4000 - 3kg parcel sized 25cm x 30cm x 30cm = $13.75 - Aust Post $20.55

Sydney to Brisbane 4000 - 8kg parcel sized 35cm x 45cm x 40cm = $11.75 - Aust Post $21.40

Adelaide to Brisbane 4000 -  3kg parcel sized 25cm x 30cm x 30cm = $9.95 - Aust Post $28.00

Perth to Sydney - 3kg parcel sized 25cm x 30cm x 30cm = $9.95 - Aust Post $34.60

Brisbane to Hobart - 6kg parcel sized 25cm x 30cm x 45cm = $13.71 - Aust Post $30.55

LOVE that local deliveries are just $6.05!

Of course if you are sending a parcel to the outback or rural areas you will probably choke on your coffee, but for most City to City parcels the pricing is excellent.

There are just a few example I punched in and as you can see although they are city to city their pricing is well below Aust Post.

Have a look yourself and remember if you choose to have a fiddle with the calculator remember it will show you standard rates NOT platinum rates which can be up to 30% cheaper.